News Release
Sept. 01, 1999


BOSTON Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C. ("Maritimes") has announced an open season for transportation services associated with an expansion that would connect the Maritimes natural gas pipeline system with Algonquin Gas Transmission Company’s proposed HubLine project. The proposed expansion would increase mainline capacity and extend the Maritimes system to the Salem, Mass., area, where it would tie in with Algonquin’s proposed HubLine project.

The open season provides a timely opportunity for both suppliers and consumers of natural gas to indicate their interest in the Maritimes Expansion Project. During the open season, Maritimes will be seeking requests for service from local distribution companies, power generators, industrial customers, natural gas marketers and producers. The open season to accept capacity requests to any delivery point on the Maritimes system, including the Salem point, begins on September 1, and concludes on September 30. The firm transportation services to be offered will be provided on a non-discriminatory, open access basis. Service to delivery points for the initial expansion is expected to commence as early as the year 2000 and nominations for services starting at different periods will be accepted and evaluated.

"The Northeast market continues to be attracted to the new natural gas supply opportunities available from existing and developing supply regions to the north. Maritimes is ideally positioned to access these supplies and deliver them deep into the New England market. Because of Maritimes low cost expansion capability, shippers can be assured of competitive rates for these services," said Tom O’Connor, president of M&N Management Company, managing member of Maritimes.

Currently under construction, the Maritimes mainline will transport natural gas from the Sable Offshore Energy Project off the coast of Nova Scotia to markets in Atlantic Canada and the Northeastern United States. With this expansion, Maritimes will offer its shippers economic market access, such as through the tie-in with HubLine at Salem, Mass., and access to natural gas production sources from Atlantic Canada, Western Canada, and the U.S. through its interconnection with other pipelines. Maritimes’ Canadian affiliate, Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Limited Partnership, will contemporaneously conduct an open season for its pipeline in Canada.

Maritimes is owned by affiliates of Duke Energy Corporation (37.5%), Westcoast Energy Inc. (37.5%), Mobil Corporation (12.5%) and Nova Scotia Power Inc. (12.5%). Duke Energy, through its affiliates, is responsible for the overall development of the Maritimes project and directly responsible for the U.S. portion of the project. Westcoast Energy Inc., a major energy company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, is responsible for the development of the Canadian pipeline portion of the project. Contact Maritimes-U.S. on the World Wide Web at, and Maritimes-Canada at

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