News Release
March 18, 1998


Duke Engineering & Services (DE&S) will play a key role in bringing electricity to more than 300,000 South African residents this year. The KwaZulu-Natal Peace Initiative recently awarded DE&S a contract to provide turnkey engineering services for the design and implementation of a project to provide energy to residents, schools, clinics and other public facilities in the Nseleni and Ongoye area.

"We are honored to play a role in helping these South African regions build and maintain a reliable power delivery distribution system," said Suresh Pahwa, executive vice president of DE&S’ International and Petroleum Group. "The African continent has entered a new era of growth and we are committed to helping this region achieve economic stability and improved quality of life for its residents."

DE&S will begin work on the electrification project on April 1. DE&S will provide turnkey distribution services from substation and transmission system design to construction of power lines to actual residential connection. The project will be managed and staffed from DE&S’ Richards Bay office, with Willie Van der Walt serving as DE&S project manager.

"The integrated approach we offer South Africa is a natural extension of DE&S’ extensive experience in the design, construction and engineering of power delivery systems," said Jim Parrish, vice president of DE&S’ International Group - Africa. "We have a strong presence in South Africa and we plan to continue to establish our position in this market to help this nation in its economic development quest."

DE&S has actively supported South Africa’s rural electrification program since 1996. The company’s involvement in electrification has included preliminary evaluation and survey of multiple districts, detailed engineering, project management, installation and commissioning of thousands of new deliveries to residents in rural communities. Other DE&S projects in South Africa include power plant engineering studies, energy consulting, feasibility studies and greenfield opportunities in hydroelectric power and renewable energy.

As one of the world’s leading A/B companies, DE&S provides full-scope engineering, technical and professional services to clients worldwide. The company has experience with all phases of hydroelectric, gas, nuclear and renewable power generation and power delivery, from conceptual design through construction and full life-cycle operation. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., DE&S is an independently operated business affiliate of Duke Energy. DE&S manages 33 U.S. business offices, 15 international offices and has projects underway in more than 50 countries. DE&S’ South Africa offices include Durban, Johannesburg, Newcastle and Richards Bay.

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