News Release
June 24, 1998


HOUSTON -- TE Products Pipeline Company, Limited Partnership (TEPPCO) today announced that effective July 1 it will open its Helena, Ark., terminal to refined products receipts from barges on the Mississippi River.

Access to this service, coupled with recent pipeline upgrades and other potential operational changes, will allow an additional 20,000 to 40,000 barrels per day to reach Midwest markets.

"In our continuing efforts to meet customer needs and help alleviate the potential shortfall resulting from a planned shutdown of a refinery in TEPPCO’s Midwest market, the Helena terminal will open for these new deliveries," said Thomas R. Harper, vice president of transportation and refined products services. "With over 800,000 barrels of storage at our Helena facility, TEPPCO will offer customers the ability to off-load barges and use leased storage to shuttle products to other river-based terminals. Additionally, distillate deliveries can be loaded across the Helena truck rack and any product can be traded into the TEPPCO mainline system for movements to Midwest markets."

TE Products Pipeline Company, Limited Partnership, the operating partnership of TEPPCO Partners, L.P., which is a publicly traded master limited partnership, is one of the largest common carrier pipelines of refined petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gases in the United States.

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