News Release
Aug. 28, 1997


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Duke Power was notified today by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of a $330,000 proposed fine for violations of NRC requirements at the Oconee Nuclear Station.

The violations are associated with events that occurred this spring involving the system that provides make-up water to cool the nuclear fuel on Oconee units 2 and 3.

"Duke Power conducted a thorough review immediately following these events and identified weaknesses in its inspection program for the make-up water system," said Bill McCollum, Oconee site vice president. "Also, we found a design weakness related to a large tank of water that is used to provide make-up to the reactor coolant system. We have taken appropriate actions to correct all of these issues.

"The Oconee team has a tradition of excellent operations that spans more than two decades, but recently our performance has not reflected this long standing tradition. We have been looking hard at all aspects of our operations and are quickly making changes to regain our position as one of the best nuclear stations in the business."

Duke Power does not plan to contest the fine.

Duke Power is a Duke Energy company.

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