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Study Plans and Action Reports

The Study Plans in the table below use the Action Description as the name. The table keys the Action Description to the Action # used in earlier drafts.

Action # Action Description Action Results
NPLAES1 Aesthetics Evaluation Dillsboro Aesthetics
Bryson Aesthetics

Franklin Aesthetics

Mission Aesthetics
Tuckasegee/Nantahala Aesthetics
NPLBOTANICSURVEY Botanical Survey Final Botanical Study Report
Final Bryophyte Report 2
NPLCULT1 Franklin   
East Fork
West Fork

East Fork

West Fork
NPLCULT2 Power Plant Historic Assessment Historical Assessment Study Report
Appendix A 
NPLCULT3 Cultural Resources Management Plan  
NPLFISHSURVEY Fish Survey Bryson Fish Survey
Bryson Fish Tables

Bryson Fish Map

Dillsboro Fish Survey

Dillsboro Fish Tables

Dillsboro Fish Map

Franklin Fish Survey

Franklin Fish Tables

Franklin Fish Map

Mission Fish Survey

Mission Fish Tables
Mission Fish Map

East Fork Fish Survey

Fish Report-West Fork Draft
Fish Report-Nantahala
NPLWILDLIFESURVEY Wildlife Survey Final Avian Study Report
Final Bat Habitat Study Report
Final Mussel Study Report

Final Salamander Study Report
NPLFLOWR1 Boating  Instream Flow Study Nantahala Paddling Recreational Instream Flow Study
Tuckasegee Paddling Recreational Instream Flow Study
NPLFLOWSTUDY Fish Instream Flow Study Tuckasegee Angling Flow Study
Nantahala Angling Flow Study
FPASS1 Fish Passage Feasibility Study  
NPLGWB3 SMP Protection of Riparian Habitat for Wildlife LUPS DPNA Final. 1.22.03.
Final Plant List NCWRC KM 1.23.03.
NPLINVERTSURVEY Macroinvertebrate Survey Bryson Macroinvert Final Report
Dillsboro Macroinvert Final Report

Franklin Macroinvert Final Report 

Mission Macroinvert Final Report   Nantahala Macroinvert Final Report East Fork Macroinvert Final Report West Fork Macroinvert Final Report
NPLLM1 Shoreline Habitat Survey Shoreline Habitat Survey
NPLLM2 Lake Level Information Plan Lake Level Information and Flow Comm. Plan
NPLLLM3 Rule Curve Evaluation  
NPLPEAKZONESTUDY Zone of Peaking Influence Study Peak Study Summary
NPLOOP2 Historical Streamflow Series Evaluation Bryson, Dillsboro, Franklin & Mission Flow Duration Curves
NPLOOP3 Run-of-River Operation Plan Bryson Plant Operation
Franklin Plant Operation

Mission Plant Operation
NPLOOP4 Flow Communication Plan Lake Level Information and Flow Comm. Plan
NPLOTH1 Basic Project Information See Exhibit A of the draft license application.
NPLOTH2 Trash Removal Plan Dillsboro Trash Removal
Bryson Trash Removal

Franklin Trash Removal 
Mission Trash Removal

White Oak Creek Removal 

Tuckasegee Trash Removal
PLOTH3 Internet Website Internet Website Report
NPLOTH4 Energy Conservation Evaluation Bryson Energy Conservation
Dillsboro Energy Conservation

Franklin Energy Conservation
Mission Energy Conservation
NPLOTH5 Rename Thorpe Reservoir Renaming Thorpe Reservoir Final Study Report 
NPLOTH6 Hydrologic Simulation Model CHEOPS Model Presentation 6-20-02
NPLOTH7 GIS Database Final GIS Study
NPLREC1 Recreational Use and Needs Survey Recreation Use and Study Needs
NPLREC2 Impacts of Water Releases on Recreation Evaluation Exhibit A Travel Time Data for Release
Exhibit B Tuckasegee
Exhibit C Nantahala River Main Stem
Exhibit D Nantahala By-Pass
NPLREC4 Recreational Opportunity Study Dillsboro Recreation
Bryson Recreation
Franklin Recreation

Mission Recreation

Rec Opportunity study final draft

Table 3 Lake Glenville Elevations
Table 4 Tennessee Creek Lake Elevations

Table 5 Bear Lake Elevations

Table 6 Cedar Cliff Lake Elevations

Table 7 Lake Nantahala Elevations
WestFork Report Tables 8, 9 and 10
Table 11 Nantahala Inflows
NPLREC5 Evaluation of High Water Availability for Recreation Releases Dillsboro Recreation
Bryson Recreation
Franklin Recreation
Mission Recreation
NPLSED1 Sediment Management Plan Bryson Sediment Report
Bryson TVA Photo

Dillsboro Sediment Report

Dillsboro TVA Photo

Franklin Sediment Report
Franklin TVA Photo

Franklin 2001 Photo

Mission Sediment Report

Tuck Sediment Report

White Oak Sediment Report  
NPLWQ1 Temperature & Dissolved Oxygen Survey Bryson Final Report
Mission Final Report
Franklin Final Report
Tuckasegee Final Report
Nantahala Final Report

NPLWQ2 Point Source Discharge Inventory Bryson