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CW DMAG Update - August 27, 2007 Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) Drought Indicators

The C-W Basin is in a Stage 2 Low Inflow Condition.  The Stage has worsened from a Stage 1 Voluntary Stage last month.

The following are the Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) drought indicators as of August 27, 2007:

Storage Index (SI): 53.54%
Target Storage Index = 75.00%
Ratio = 71.39% (Supports Stage 2)
Last Month = 85.81% (Stage 1)

Streamflow Indicator (six-month average versus historical six-month average):
Ratio = 64% (Supports Stage 2)
Last Month = 66.6% (Stage 1)

US Drought Monitor (three-month average)
Three-month Numeric Average = +2.00 (Supports Stage 2)
Last Month = +1.67 (Stage 1)

Groundwater Gages:
USGS Langtree current reading = 20.79 ft Last Month = 20.07
USGS Linville current reading = 2.60 ft Last Month = 2.21
NCDWR Glen Alpine reading = 8.56 N/A

The C-W Basin was in a Stage 1 at the end of July, 2007, and all indicators have moved to a Stage 2. The Storage Index (SI) reading is reflective of the fact that very low inflows are continuing to reduce the Storage Index. Please note that the Langtree and Linville groundwater gage readings continue to decline.

Please refer to Appendix C of the Comprehensive Relicensing Agreement for the official LIP requirements for Stage 2. As you are aware, Stage 2 is a mandatory water use restriction stage and Owners of Public Water Supply intakes should take steps to implement mandatory water use restrictions in accordance to the LIP.