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CW DMAG Update March 1, 2011

The following are the Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) drought indicators as of March 1, 2011:

March 1, 2011
Current Overall Stage = Stage 1
Storage Index (SI): 61.8%
Target Storage Index 61.0%
Ratio 101.3% (Supports Normal Conditions)

Streamflow Indicator
(four and six-month average versus historical four and-month average)

Ratio= 48.7% (four-month average) (Supports Stage 3 Conditions)
Ratio= 48.4% (six-month average) (Supports Stage 3 Conditions)


US Drought Monitor (three-month average) (Using worst weighted averaging method for Drought Monitor)
Three-month Numeric Average =  1.33 (Supports Stage 1 Conditions)

Groundwater Gauges (monthly basis): 

The Langtree groundwater gauge reading is in Normal condition.
The Glen Alpine groundwater gauge reading is in Stage 4 condition.