Duke Energy

Lookout Shoals Lake - 5 Day Message History

Last Update: 11/20/2015 8:50:21 AM
Lookout Shoals Lake is spilling but is expected not to exceed 101. A gate at Oxford Hydro Station is partially opened, and Lookout Shoals is expected to spill for several days as we move water through the system. As always, we encourage those living along lakes, streams and other low-lying and flood-prone areas to pay special attention to changing weather conditions and take any necessary precautions. We will provide additional updates if conditions change. Updated lake levels are available any time at www.duke-energy.com/lakes or by calling 800-829-5253 and pressing 1 after this message. Catawba County residents who live around Lookout Shoals should contact Catawba County Emergency Management to update their contact information using the Community Alert System (CAS) web page, www.catawbacountync.gov/alert, or by calling 828-465-8230 during regular business hours.