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Relicensing Agreements

Duke Energy has a great deal of experience in relicensing hydroelectric projects in the Carolinas. Duke Energy is currently involved in relicensing 8 hydroelectric projects in the Carolinas and Indiana. These relicensing efforts include the following hydroelectric projects: Bryson, Catawba-Wateree, East Fork, Franklin, Markland, Mission, Nantahala, and West Fork.

Duke Energy has found that enhancing the FERC’s relicensing processes to promote stakeholder involvement provides benefits to the relicensing process. Further, enhanced stakeholder participation in hydroelectric project relicensings can result in relicensing agreements among many stakeholder organizations. Duke Energy is currently a party to three stakeholder agreements associated with the relicensing efforts in the Nantahala Area and the Catawba-Wateree Basin. Duke Energy will sponsor a Stakeholder Team for the Keowee-Toxaway Relicensing process with the goal of achieving a stakeholder agreement resolving all aspects of operation of the Project for the next 40 or 50-year license term.

The Keowee-Toxaway Relicensing Stakeholder Team consists of representatives of local, state, and federal resource agencies, Native American Tribes, non-governmental organizations, the public, and Duke Energy. The Stakeholder Team began its efforts in 2009 and will continue through at least 2014 when the license application is submitted to the FERC.