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Notice of Intent and Pre-Application Document Keowee-Toxaway Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 2503)

Cover Letter

Notice of Intent

Volume I of VIII

Cross-Reference Index
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Executive Summary
1.0 Introduction and Background
2.0 Purpose of the Pre-Application Document
3.0 Process Plan, Schedule, and Protocols
4.0 Project Location, Facilities, and Operations
5.0 General Description of River Basin

Volume II of VIII

6.0 Description of Existing Environmental Resources and Potential Resource Impacts
6.1 Geology and Soils

Volume III of VIII

6.2 Water Resources

Volume IV of VIII

6.3 Fish and Aquatic Resources

Volume V of VIII

6.4 Wildlife and Botanical Resources
6.5 Recreation, Land Use and Shoreline Management
6.6 Aesthetic Resources
6.7 Cultural Resources
6.8 Socioeconomic Resources
6.9 Tribal Resources and Interests

Volume VI of VIII

7.0 Preliminary Issues and Studies List
8.0 Comprehensive Plans Relevant to the Project
9.0 Summary of Contacts
10.0 Literature Cited
Appendix A - Contact and Distribution List
Appendix B - Existing License Articles
Appendix C - CEII Maps and Drawings (Located in Volume VII)
Appendix D - Draft Study Plans
Appendix E - Consultation Records (Located in Volume VIII)
Appendix F - Fishery Resources Mou and 10-Year Work Plans
Appendix G - 1968 Agreement Between Duke, USACE, and SEPA
Appendix H - Plan Development Process Descriptions

Volume VII of VIII

[Contains Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) Material - Not Released To The Public]
Appendix C - Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) Maps and Figures

Volume VIII of VIII

Appendix E - Consultation Records
E1 PAD Questionnaires - Stakeholder Team Invitations
E2 Duke Energy - General Communications
E3 Federal Agencies
E4 State Agencies
E5 Local Governments
E6 Non-Governmental Organizations
E7 Stakeholder Team
E8 Joint Resource Committee
E9 Aquatic Resource Committee
E10 Cultural Resources Resource Committee
E11 Recreation Resource Committee
E12 Shoreline Management Plan Resource Committee
E13 Water Quality Resource Committee
E14 Water Quantity and Operations Resource Committee
E15 Wildlife - Botanical Resource Committee
E16 USACE SEPA Project Delivery Team