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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program LIHEAP

The LIHEAP program provides assistance to low-income households. The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission will provide assistance to low-income households with home heating costs at their Neighborhood Centers through two program components:

  1. Subsidy - provides assistance to all eligible households. Applications are taken during the period of November 3 through December 12 based on a schedule taken in alphabetical order from the first letter of head of household's last name. For information about applying, call 800.456.3452 or 800.372.2973 (TTY available for the hearing impaired).
  1. Crisis - provides assistance to eligible households experiencing a home heating crisis. Applications can be made from January 5 through March 31 or until available funds have been depleted.

Applications for both subsidy and crisis components will be taken at Neighborhood Centers within each county. See Neighborhood Centers for more information.

Applicants will be requested to provide the following:

  1. Most recent heating bill or verification that heating expenses are included in the rent. 
  2. Social Security numbers for each member of the household.
  3. Proof of all household income.
  4. Crisis applicants requiring assistance for natural gas or electric must bring a "past-due"/disconnect notice. Applicants whose rent includes heat must bring an eviction notice.

Household income must be at or below the following relative to household size:

Household Size Monthly Income Household Size Monthly Income
1 $1,127 5 $2,687
2 $1,517 6 $3,076
3 $1,907 7 $3,467
4 $2,297 8 $3,857

More information on Kentucky’s LIHEAP program can be found at