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What is PowerShare®?

PowerShare is a demand response program that rewards your business for adjusting energy consumption levels during peak time periods.

To enroll contact our Business Service Center
Or call 877.728.4947

Features & Benefits

  • Allows you to profit from effective energy management.
  • Helps you reduce energy usage, operating costs and carbon emissions.
  • Enables you to lock in an incentive credit for easy budgeting.
  • Reduces the need to run expensive generation plants during high demand, resulting in lower wholesale market prices and end-user savings.
  • Mitigates electrical emergencies, increases system reliability and reduces customer inconvenience.
  • Offers program options to best fit your company’s operations:
    • Emergency Option  Enrollment requires customers to consent to shift a predetermined amount of kW during each Emergency event to the level specified in their PowerShare agreement. Curtailment is implemented when the PJM Interconnection, LLC (PJM) determines a regional event is necessary. Monthly incentives are paid in addition to credits for the load curtailed during each event.
    • Call Option  Participation in this economic-based option requires a load shift during the specified event, but contains a buy-through provision allowing customers to continue operating without penalty (unless an emergency event is declared by PJM). Customers can choose the number of events in which to participate at the beginning of each year.
    • Quote Option  Participation allows you to take part in voluntary curtailment periods on a per event basis. To qualify for the credits, customers must designate a load reduction amount on the My Duke Energy web site. Customers are compensated on the load curtailed, multiplied by the price posted. Curtailment is initiated at Duke Energy’s discretion and notification is typically provided one business day in advance. Credits are paid for load curtailed during each event, but there are no monthly incentives.

Duke Energy is committed to meeting our customers’ growing energy needs in a responsible and low-cost way. Building new generation facilities is expensive. Our demand-response programs are the cheapest, fastest and cleanest way to meet energy demand, while providing our business customers with a way to profit from their energy curtailment.

How to Get Started

Enrollment is simple -
To sign up for PowerShare, contact your Account Executive or the Business Service Center at 877.728.4947.

Have Questions?

For additional information about PowerShare, call us at 877.728.4947.

Satisfactory compliance in all programs is required for continued participation and payment of credits. Financial penalties for failure to perform apply in certain situations.