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What are Foodservices?

As a Duke Energy foodservice customer, you can receive thorough, up-to-date information when designing, building or retrofitting your foodservice operation. 

Features & Benefits

  • Learn how to save energy in your kitchen without compromising food taste, appearance or quality.
  • Test commercially available foodservice equipment with your menu selections.
  • Find out about the latest energy management tools for saving on your utility bills without sacrificing comfort or performance. 

How to Get Started

Contact Customer Account Services at or 877-632-3853 to arrange a consultation with a Duke Energy foodservice professional.

Visit the Duke Energy events calendar for detailed information on upcoming foodservice events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I know if a particular piece of equipment is energy efficient?
A.  Look for the ENERGY STAR® label or check the list of ENERGY STAR certified commercial foodservice equipment.  ENERGY STAR-labeled equipment is tested and certified to meet stringent energy efficiency criteria.  

Q.  Can I get a rebate for purchasing energy efficient equipment?
A.  Duke Energy offers incentives to customers for qualifying energy efficient commercial foodservice equipment.  Duke Energy is working with other state regulators in the areas we serve to provide additional incentives to customers who purchase energy efficient commercial foodservice equipment. 

Q.  Will Duke Energy help me assess my foodservice operation and identify areas to save energy?
A.  Yes. We offer online, phone, and on-site assessments to help you identify energy saving opportunities.  Contact Customer Account Servicers at or 877-632-3853 to arrange a consultation with a Duke Energy foodservice professional.