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Customer Owned Generation

Customer owned generation refers to electric generation equipment on the customer’s side of the meter. Sometimes this is referred to as self-generation or distributed generation (DG). Examples of electric generation equipment used by customers include:

  • Solar electric - also referred to as Photovoltaic or PV
  • Wind turbines
  • Small portable gasoline powered generators
  • Diesel or natural gas powered generators
  • Microturbines (High speed gas turbine generator generally in the size range of 15 - 300 kW.)
  • Fuel Cells (A device that produces electricity through an electrochemical reaction using an external supply of fuel.)

Net Metering
If you are installing generating equipment that uses solar power of 30 kW or less, you may be eligible for Net Metering. For more information, see Duke Energy's Kentucky Net Metering Rider in our tariff.

Standby Generator Safety
Small portable generators often used for emergency or back-up power should not be connected to your internal wiring without equipment to provide proper isolation from Duke Energy’s system. For more information on generator safety, see Standby Generator Safety.

Interconnection Information
If you are considering the installation of permanently connected electric generating equipment, Duke Energy has interconnection requirements that must be met to ensure your safety and the safety and reliability of Duke Energy’s system. For more information about Duke Energy’s interconnection requirements, please send an e-mail to: