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Operational Performance Supports Our Affordable, Reliable, Clean Mission


Our customers expect us to provide them with affordable energy both today and in the future. Given the long lead times needed to build new generation, we carefully make investments to satisfy future demand. Our diverse fuel portfolio reduces commodity price volatility. Currently, Duke Energy offers some of the most competitive electric rates in the United States.

A chart showing comparison of average electric rates.


Our customers expect us to deliver reliable energy. Today’s investments to modernize our grid will increase the reliable delivery of energy in the future. The new power plants we are building today will replace older, less efficient ones. Our high operational performance helps ensure that our services are available when needed. In 2010, our nuclear fleet set an all-time company capacity record of approximately 95.9 percent.

Charts showing nuclear generation capacity factor and fossil generation commercial availability.


Our customers want cleaner energy. Over the last decade, we have spent over $5 billion to significantly reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from our coal fleet. The modern generating plants we are currently building will generate cleaner energy and further reduce emissions. In addition, our investments in wind and solar will help us to promote cleaner energy.

Charts showing emissions from generation and emissions intensity.