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Learning from Challenges

While we are proud of our employees’ stellar safety performance, we must improve contractor safety. Several contractors working for Duke Energy lost their lives during 2010, and this is unacceptable to us. We’ve formed a leadership task force that is implementing new procedures to safeguard our contractors on the job. To underscore the importance of a fatality-free workplace for both employees and contractors, rigorous safety measures are a part of our annual employee incentive compensation program.

Just as we are committed to ensuring the safety of employees and contractors, we are also committed to earning the trust of our communities. In 2010, that trust was tested in Indiana with controversy over the hiring of a regulatory attorney. When the issue first emerged, we immediately launched an internal investigation and have cooperated fully with external investigations. As we learned more, we took swift, decisive and appropriate policy and personnel actions. While the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission’s investigation found no improprieties in rulings related to our Edwardsport project under construction in that state, we recognize the need to rebuild our stakeholders’ trust.