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Executive Management

Duke Energy Executive Management

From left to right: Rick Haviland, Jennifer Weber, Brett Carter, Roberta Bowman, Marc Manly, Lynn Good, Keith Trent, Jim Rogers, Dhiaa Jamil, Catherine Heigel, David Mohler, Gianna Manes, Bill Tyndall, Julie Janson and Doug Esamann

James E. (Jim) Rogers

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Roberta B. Bowman

Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer

Brett C. Carter

President — Duke Energy North Carolina

Douglas F. (Doug) Esamann

President — Duke Energy Indiana

Lynn J. Good

Group Executive and Chief Financial Officer

Richard W. (Rick) Haviland

Senior Vice President — Construction and Major Projects

Catherine E. Heigel

President — Duke Energy South Carolina

Dhiaa M. Jamil

Group Executive, Chief Generation Officer and Chief Nuclear Officer

Julie S. Janson

President — Duke Energy Ohio and Duke Energy Kentucky

Gianna M. Manes

Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer

Marc E. Manly

Group Executive, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

David W. Mohler

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

B. Keith Trent

Group Executive and President — Commercial Businesses

William F. (Bill) Tyndall

Senior Vice President — Federal Government and Regulatory Affairs

Jennifer L. Weber

Group Executive, Human Resources and Corporate Relations