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Our Direction in 2008 and Beyond

We must pursue a balanced approach to meeting future energy needs.

  • In pursuing new supply options, we consider whether they are available, affordable, reliable and clean.
  • By carefully balancing these criteria, we can make the best decisions for our customers and our company.
  • Our options include energy efficiency, coal gasification, advanced pulverized coal, nuclear, natural gas-fired generation and renewable energy.

We must balance the reality of a carbon-constrained future with our customers’ energy demands.

  • Environmental legislation will significantly affect Duke Energy. We aim for fairness for our customers and shareholders.
  • In our regulated and commercial businesses, we will pursue low-carbon solutions — like clean coal and natural gas — and no-carbon solutions — like nuclear and renewable energy. We will also pursue innovative energy efficiency and Utility of the Future (advanced power grid) initiatives.
  • We will push for the development of new technologies to reduce carbon emissions. Until those technologies are available, we will meet demand with current options.

We must find the path to success during this era of rising costs.

  • We expect to see increased costs from modernizing our grid and developing new generation. We will effectively manage the costs of these and other capital projects.
  • By running our business well and providing excellent customer service, we can minimize price impacts to our customers and maintain the financial health of the company.

We must deliver on our commitments.

  • We will steadily grow earnings — making our company attractive to investors — and achieve our employee incentive target of $1.27 of ongoing diluted earnings per share.
  • We will continue to balance our regulated and commercial investments based on the business environment.
  • We will strive to be simply the best.