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Where we are now

Where we are now - FootprintsDuke Energy is one of the largest electricity suppliers in North and South America. We serve our retail and wholesale customers reliably and affordably with approximately 40,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity fueled from coal, nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric and a growing portfolio of renewable energy. In the United States, about 70 percent of the power we generate today comes from coal, which releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere and is linked to climate change.

CO2 and most other greenhouse gases (GHG) have always been present, keeping the earth hospitable for life by trapping heat that would otherwise escape into space. We know this as the greenhouse effect. Since the industrial revolution, however, the concentration of GHG in the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels and other human activities has increased, trapping more heat and amplifying the natural greenhouse effect.

A majority of the public and policymakers now believe that the earth’s climate is changing, caused in part by GHG emitted into the atmosphere from human activity.

As the third-largest emitter of CO2 in the United States — more than 100 million tons annually, the equivalent of about 10 million cars on the highway — we realize we have a special responsibility to address this issue.

Our focus is on finding practical solutions that will benefit our stakeholders, our nation, our world and future generations.


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