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Where we are going

Where we are going - Light bulbWe are taking actions today to build a sustainable business that allows our stakeholders and our company to prosper while balancing environmental, social and economic needs.

We don’t know when federal restrictions on GHG emissions will be enacted, but we must assume they are coming. Some believe it is premature to set specific emission-reduction targets. But without a stake in the ground, we can’t expect to make meaningful progress. We believe that preparing for a carbon-constrained world now carries substantially less risk for our customers and our shareholders than if we wait.

To be ready, we are assessing what it would take to cut our CO2 emissions in half — approximately 50 million tons — by 2030. By then, we will likely have replaced our oldest coal-fired power plants with advanced cleaner-coal and other technologies including nuclear power, natural gas, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

To achieve that reduction and meet our projected electricity demand while keeping our prices competitive, a number of things must happen. These include new technology developments and workable legislative and regulatory solutions.

We will need new, lower-emitting coal-based generating technologies so we can continue using coal, our nation’s most abundant and economical fuel. We will need advanced zero-emitting nuclear generation. We will need approval of a new business model to significantly expand energy efficiency.

As we realize our vision, we will be ready to adopt new technologies and address unexpected challenges that will surely come along.


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