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Building Bridges

Building bridges - PluginIn 2007, we provided energy when our customers needed it, made plans to build new plants to meet growing demand, developed a new way to promote energy efficiency and continued to confront our industry’s biggest challenge — global climate change. As one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide in the world, we believe we have the responsibility to lead in bridging the gap between today’s high-carbon economy and a low‑carbon future. This report examines the bridges we are building to reduce our carbon footprint to benefit our current and future stakeholders.

  • Where we are now
    We are the third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the United States — emitting more than 100 million tons last year. We’ve significantly reduced our non-carbon emissions over the last 20 years and with the right technologies, we believe we can do the same with CO2. We are working to find solutions to this challenge that will protect and benefit our stakeholders.
  • Where we are going
    We are assessing what it would take to cut our CO2 emissions in half — to approximately 50 million tons — by 2030 and the implications of such an effort. By then, we will likely have replaced our oldest coal-fired power plants with advanced cleaner-coal and other technologies, including nuclear power, natural gas, renewable energy and greater use of energy efficiency.
  • How we will get there
    We are taking five major steps to build bridges to a low-carbon future. We’re shaping public policy, pursuing new technology, building projects and talent, balancing diverse interests and taking a long view so we can continue to create value for our stakeholders in the future.

For more information about our sustainability activities and environmental progress, please see the Duke Energy 2007|2008 Sustainability Report on the company Web site: www.duke-energy.com.