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How we will get there

How we will get there - Document rolloutWe are taking five steps to build our bridges to a low-carbon future:

First, we are working to shape public policy. We are pursuing passage of federal carbon legislation that will give the electric utility industry the time it needs to make the transition to low-carbon generation, without severe damage to our economy and our customers.

Second, we are pursuing new technology for generation and distribution of electricity and for energy efficiency to reduce our carbon footprint.

Third, we are building new generation plants. We are also developing our talent base so we have the workforce we need to successfully transition to a low-carbon future.

Fourth, we are balancing diverse interests. We are engaging with stakeholders to understand all viewpoints and find the best path to sustainable carbon reduction.

Fifth, we are taking a long view. Halving our CO2 emissions won’t happen overnight. This is a marathon, not a sprint — but the sooner we start, the greater the benefits.

The following pages describe these five steps in greater detail.


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