… to solve the new energy equation.

We face a new energy equation with many variables. Increasing demand for energy is a key driver of rising energy prices. As a result, there is a renewed focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency — “save-a-watts” vs. megawatts. There is mounting concern about global climate change and further reducing air emissions. And, we must continue to grow earnings and dividends.

These variables present both challenges and opportunities. We believe we can solve this new equation with our sustainability focus. This means working to balance the needs of all of our stakeholders. These efforts will keep our prices affordable and our service reliable as we continue to work to reduce our environmental footprint and earn superior returns.

This delicate balancing act requires us to challenge conventional wisdom with new thinking and innovation. It means changing our own minds and habits and those of our stakeholders. We must still generate megawatts, but we believe we can produce significant save-a-watts as well. In 2006, we repositioned Duke Energy to do just that. Read on …