Executive Management

Henry B. Barron Jr. Henry B. Barron Jr.
Group Executive and Chief Nuclear Officer
Barron became Duke Energy’s chief nuclear officer in 2004. He is responsible for the safe operation of the company’s three nuclear generating stations. He joined Duke Power in 1972 as a nuclear power plant engineer.
Paul H. Barry Paul H. Barry
Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Barry is responsible for all corporate development, mergers and acquisitions. He previously served as group executive and president of Duke Energy Americas, where his responsibilities included non-regulated generation and services, trading and marketing, and international operations.
Lynn J. Good Lynn J. Good
Senior Vice President and Treasurer
Good leads the treasury functions for the company, as well as insurance, market and credit risk management, and corporate financial planning and analysis. She previously served as executive vice president and chief financial officer for Cinergy.
David L. Hauser David L. Hauser
Group Executive and Chief Financial Officer
Hauser became Duke Energy’s CFO in 2004. He leads the financial function, which includes the controller’s office, treasury, tax, risk management and insurance. Since Hauser joined Duke Power in 1973, he has held various leadership positions, including controller.
Julia S. Janson Julia S. Janson
Senior Vice President, Ethics and Compliance, and Corporate Secretary
Janson directs Duke Energy’s ethics and compliance program and serves as corporate secretary. Until the recent merger, she was with Cinergy, where she was named corporate secretary in 2000, and chief compliance officer in 2004.
Marc E. Manly Marc E. Manly
Group Executive and Chief Legal Officer
Manly leads a group that comprises the legal department, internal audit services, the ethics and compliance office, and the corporate secretary. He served as Cinergy’s executive vice president and chief legal officer from 2002 until Cinergy merged with Duke Energy.
William R. McCollum Jr. William R. McCollum Jr.
Group Executive and Chief Regulated Generation Officer
McCollum is responsible for the company’s regulated fossil fuel and hydroelectric power generation, including portfolio optimization, engineering, construction, project management and procurement. He joined Duke Power as a nuclear power plant engineer in 1974.
Sandra P. Meyer Sandra P. Meyer
President, Duke Energy Ohio and Duke Energy Kentucky
Meyer leads Duke Energy’s Ohio and Kentucky operations, which serve more than 810,000 customers. She was formerly group vice president of customer service, sales and marketing for Duke Power.
Thomas C. O’Connor Thomas C. O’Connor
Group Executive and President, Commercial Businesses
O’Connor is responsible for the Midwest non-regulated generation, Duke Energy International, Duke Energy Generation Services, the telecommunications businesses, the company’s equity interest in Crescent Resources, and all corporate development and merger and acquisition activities.
Cathy S. Roche Cathy S. Roche
Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
Roche is responsible for directing and managing Duke Energy’s communications with internal and external audiences, as well as executive communications, corporate publications, advertising, and brand management and strategy.
Christopher C. Rolfe Christopher C. Rolfe
Group Executive and Chief Administrative Officer
Rolfe leads several of Duke Energy’s corporate functions, including human resources, information technology and operations services. He previously served as group executive and chief human resources officer.
Ellen T. Ruff Ellen T. Ruff
President, Duke Energy Carolinas
Ruff leads Duke Energy’s utility business in North Carolina and South Carolina, which serves more than 2.2 million customers. She was formerly group vice president of planning and external relations for Duke Power.
Jim L. Stanley Jim L. Stanley
President, Duke Energy Indiana
Stanley leads Duke Energy’s Indiana utility business, which serves more than 760,000 customers. He previously served as vice president of field operations for Duke Energy’s Midwest service area.
R. Sean Trauschke R. Sean Trauschke
Vice President, Investor Relations
Trauschke is responsible for monitoring trends in investment markets and for maintaining key relationships with investors, financial analysts and financial institutions. He was formerly the company’s vice president of risk management, chief risk officer and chief credit officer.
B. Keith Trent B. Keith Trent
Group Executive and Chief Strategy and Policy Officer
Trent is responsible for strategy, federal policy and government affairs, energy efficiency and technology initiatives, environmental health and safety policy, corporate communications, and sustainability and community affairs. He was formerly chief development officer and general counsel.
James L. Turner James L. Turner
Group Executive and President, U.S. Franchised Electric and Gas
Turner has overall profit and loss responsibility for the company’s U.S. Franchised Electric and Gas business, which serves 3.9 million customers in five states. Prior to the merger of Duke Energy and Cinergy, Turner served as president of Cinergy.