Sustainability At Duke Energy

Duke Energy is no newcomer to sustainability. Our commitment to conduct our business in a way that creates long-term benefits for our stakeholders, our environment and our company has been part of our core business philosophy for years. As such, our approach to sustainability has five focus areas:

Provide innovative products and services for a carbon‑constrained, competitive world.
Why it matters: Our customers want products and services that keep them competitive regionally and globally, yet respond to environmental concerns.

Reduce our environmental footprint.
Why it matters: As an energy company, we have a large impact on the environment and depend on natural resources for much of our fuel.

Attract and retain a diverse, high-quality work force.
Why it matters: Energy companies will be differentiated by the quality, creativity and customer focus of their employees.

Help build strong communities.
Why it matters: Our success is linked to the health and prosperity of the communities we serve.

Be profitable and demonstrate strong governance and transparency.
Why it matters: Creating shareholder value and earning the trust and confidence of our many stakeholders keeps us in business.


Duke Energy’s annual and periodic updates on sustainability performance are available on our Web site at this link:


Mixed Sources Logo

Products with a Mixed Sources label support the development of responsible forest management worldwide. The wood comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified well-managed forests, company-controlled sources and/or recycled material. The recycling symbol identifies post-consumer recycled content in these products.