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The Energy Star New Home program is being discontinued. Energy Star homes currently under construction need to be registered prior to May 31, 2012 by calling 1-800-785-6209. 

Prior to receiving the $450 Energy Star New Home incentive, all homes currently under construction must::

  • Register by May 31, 2012
  • Complete construction 
  • Receive final Energy Star inspection
  • Complete and submit the Energy Star incentive application and all Energy Star documentation by December 31, 2012

Beginning June 1, 2012, new home incentives for qualifying high efficiency heat pumps or air conditioners will be offered through the Smart$aver® program.

What is the ENERGY STAR® Home Program?

ENERGY STAR® is a government-backed symbol of quality that identifies a new home as being more energy efficient than a standard home. Customers considering building an ENERGY STAR home should visit the New Homes section of the ENERGY STAR Web site for an overview of construction features that help new homes qualify.

ENERGY STAR Home Benefits

  • Save money on energy bills for years to come. ENERGY STAR homes are at least 15 percent more energy efficient than homes built to standard building codes using less energy for heating, cooling and water heating.
  • Experience improved home quality and comfort because your home is built to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Help to reduce our nation's need for energy, promote a clean environment and save valuable energy resources.
  • To help with your ENERGY STAR qualification, your Builder receives a $450 incentive for each heat pump system installed.
  • Several inspections by energy experts ensure the home is built to a high level of energy efficiency.

How the Program Works
New homes that earn ENERGY STAR certification meet energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA. They include a variety of energy efficient features such as effective insulation, high performance windows, tight construction and ducts, efficient heating and cooling equipment, and high efficiency lighting and appliances.

  • The ENERGY STAR incentive from Duke Energy is a builder's incentive and is available for new residential, single-family Duke Energy homes in Indiana. The incentive may be assigned to the homeowner with the builder's approval and signature on the incentive application form.
  • All heating systems installed in the new home must include an electric heat pump.
  • The new home must pass an Energy Star inspection to qualify as an ENERGY STAR home.
  • The builder will make all necessary arrangements to have the new home certified as an ENERGY STAR home and will submit the ENERGY STAR documentation along with incentive application form (pdf, 133 KB).
  • The builder receives a $450 incentive for each heat pump system installed.

Heating Dealers and Builders

  1. Print Trade Ally registration form (pdf, 230 KB).
  2. Print the Smart Saver Application form (pdf, 2,055 KB).
  3. Email completed forms to, or fax to 1-866-728-8293, or mail to Smart $aver Incentive Program, P.O. Box 525, Snellville, GA 30078.

Please call 1-866-785-6209 if you have additional questions. Duke Energy reserves the right to change the Smart $aver program requirements and incentives at any time.