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Energy Profiler Online

What is Energy Profiler Online?

Energy Profiler Online (EPO) is one of the leading Web-based tools to help you effectively track and manage your electric usage giving you more control over your energy expenses.

Features & Benefits

Energy Profiler Online is updated daily so that you have access to the latest information.

  • Track and analyze your meter data using intuitive tables and graphs. 
  • Access a secure area of our Web site to view load profiles, usage history, and a variety of statistics. 
  • View data by meter, account or groups of accounts. 
  • Group your accounts by region or building type, and compare your totalized energy usage.
  • Understand your organization's energy usage across multiple locations while still having the ability to analyze individual sites. 
  • Export usage data for further in-house analysis.

How to Get Started

Contact our Customer Account Services at or 877-632-3853.