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Paperless Billing & Online Payment

Duke Energy's free Business Paperless Billing and Online Payment service makes it quicker, easier and more convenient for our business customers to receive bills electronically and pay online.

If you already have access to the My Duke Energy website, log in and click on the “Sign Up for Paperless Billing and Online Payment” link to enroll your accounts today. Our demo walks you through the process.

If you don’t already have access to the My Duke Energy website, sign up here. After submitting the form, you will receive an enrollment key within 48 business hours. This enrollment key will allow you to enroll in My Duke Energy. From there, you can access the Business Paperless Billing and Online Payment service through the “Sign Up for Paperless Billing and Online Payment” link.

Key features

Our Business Paperless Billing and Online Payment service is loaded with features designed to make your job easier. For example, you can:

  • View your bills and real-time information about all of your Duke Energy accounts, in one place.
  • Make secure electronic payments directly from your bank accounts.
  • Consolidate payments for your Duke Energy accounts by state and bank account.
  • Set up automatic monthly payments or manually schedule payments.
  • Assign different access and permissions to different employees at your company.
  • View, download and print your billing and payment history from the past 24 months.

Payment flexibility

Once you sign up your accounts, you'll have access to real-time payment messaging and posting, and you can customize the payment options that work best for your business.

  • Pay on-demand from your bank accounts, or set up automatic monthly payments on particular days, on your bill's due date, or two, three or four times per month.
  • Pay securely from one – or multiple – bank accounts.
  • Consolidate payments to save time and banking fees, and improve accuracy.
  • Set permissions so that specific employees can view and pay specific accounts.
  • Designate an optional "approver" to review payments before payment posting.

Payment security

Our billing and payment system is PCI compliant and SSAE16 certified, and all bank account numbers are encrypted and stored securely in a database. Plus, bank account numbers are masked on the website; approver users see only the last four digits of each bank account.

Important: If your bank requires authorization to allow Duke Energy to debit your bank account, submit the authorization form to Use Subject Line – ACH Authorization Paperless Billing and Online Payment. To prevent return payment fees, please do not submit payments until the form has been processed by your bank.

Business Paperless Billing and Online Payment FAQs

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How do I sign up?

You can sign-up through your My Duke Energy website by clicking on the Sign Up for Paperless Billing and Online Payment link.

If you don't have a My Duke Energy website, sign up now.

Can I still receive my paper bills in the mail?

A. No. Once you enroll in Business Paperless Billing, paper bills will no longer be sent. However, you can view and print bills on your My Duke Energy website.

Will I still be able to see the meter readings and energy usage information?

A. Yes. When you view or print your bill, you will see all of the same information that is on your paper bill today, including the meter readings and information on your energy usage.

Do I have to pay my bill electronically, or can I still send a check through the mail?

You can still send a check, but we encourage you to give electronic payments a try. Electronic payments are a simple, secure way to ensure prompt and accurate payment of your accounts. If you do send a check, please make sure you designate the Duke Energy account number(s) and payment to each account in the pay advice section.

Do I have to sign up all of my accounts in the paperless billing and online payment service?

No, you can choose which accounts you would like to enroll.

If I don't sign up all of my accounts for Business Paperless Billing and Online Payment, will I still be able to view those bills online?

Yes, you can continue to view all of your bills on your My Duke Energy website.

Can I pay with the business P card?

No. In an effort to keep our prices low, we do not currently accept merchant card payments. Accepting merchant card payments would cost Duke Energy a fee, which we would have to pass on to our customers.

If I use the electronic payment feature, why is there a payment automated clearing house (ACH) for each state for my Duke Energy business accounts?

Duke Energy operates as a separate entity in each of the states we serve, so we have to keep separate accounting – and Duke Energy bank accounts – in each of these states.

If we use the electronic payment feature to pay on our bill's due date, will the payment be posted that day?

A. Yes. If a payment is made before 7 p.m. EST on the due date, no late fees will be incurred. Payments made prior to 7 p.m. EST will be shown as pending payments until the evening of the date that they are paid.

How does the system keep my company's bank account secure?

A. Once you enter a bank account number, it is encrypted before being stored in the database. On the actual Business Paperless Billing and Online Payment service, bank account numbers are masked – only the last four digits are shown to authorized users. You will see your bank account numbers in the system as XXXXXXXX1234. In addition, the electronic billing and payment service is PCI compliant and has SSAE16 certification.

Do I have to use the approver role in the service?

No, this feature is optional.

We have separate divisions in our company and prefer that each division only have access to view and pay the accounts within their division. Can we do that?

Yes. The person set up as administrator for your company has complete control over which users can view and pay each individual Duke Energy account.

If I choose to set up automatic monthly payments, what are my options for scheduling bill payment dates?

Your bills can be paid when they arrive, one to ten days before the due date, or on the due date. You can also schedule all of your accounts to be automatically paid two, three or four times per month, on days of your choosing. This convenient and efficient payment method is very popular among our business customers.

Can I use the consolidated payment option if I schedule automatic monthly payments?

Yes, this is the most convenient and efficient way to pay your bills. All of your bills will be paid on the dates you select, and you will only see one bank debit for each day payments are made.