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Process Equipment Incentives

While processes vary significantly, several technologies can offer significant energy savings and can be applied easily and consistently. Engineered nozzles can be used on various compressed air systems to reduce the compressed air needed for a specific job, significantly reducing compressor run-time. Incentives are also available for industries using barrel wraps for injection molding and extrusion and duct wraps for pellet drying. Both provide the insulation needed to avoid temperature loss, which also saves energy.


This document contains a complete list of all prescriptive process equipment incentives and includes a column that identifies which application needs to be completed.

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Application Process for Smart $aver® Prescriptive Incentive program

To take advantage of the Smart $aver incentives for process equipment, click the button to the right to complete an application. You can submit your application via email or fax.

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Fax to: (866) 908-4921

Smart $aver Prescriptive Incentive Program

Duke Energy's Smart $aver Prescriptive program provides standard incentives for qualifying high-efficiency equipment. In addition to Process Equipment, incentives are offered for HVAC, Chillers, Thermal Storage, Pumps, Lighting and Food Service Equipment.

If your equipment isn't included in the Duke Energy's Prescriptive Incentive program, it may qualify under the Energizing Indiana Prescriptive Incentive program.

If your equipment isn't included in either of the Prescriptive Incentive programs, it may qualify under the Smart $aver Custom Incentive program.