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Tech Tips

These are single-sheet documents covering basic Power Quality topics and solutions.

TECH TIP 01 Line Impulses Can Cause Clocks to Speed Up
TECH TIP 02 Line Reactors Stop Adjustable Frequency Drive Trip-Outs
TECH TIP 03 Standby Power Supplies Can Lock Up Your PC
TECH TIP 04 Coordinate Instantaneous Relays for Power Quality
TECH TIP 05 Low Voltage Capacitors Can Amplify Switching Transients
TECH TIP 06 Magnetic Fields Can Distort Computer Screens
TECH TIP 07 Avoiding Steady-State Harmonic Resonances When Installing Capacitors
TECH TIP 08 Preventing Damage Due to Ground Potential Difference
TECH TIP 09 Low Neutral Voltages Reduce Stray Voltage Problems
TECH TIP 10 Complying With Harmonic Standard IEEE 519
TECH TIP 11 Capacitor Switching Can Trip Ground Fault Interrupters
TECH TIP 12 Your Neutral Wire May Be Working Overtime
TECH TIP 13 Sensitive Equipment Can Increase Production Losses
TECH TIP 14 Proper Equipment Grounding Prevents Shock Hazards
TECH TIP 15 Consider Fiber Optic Cable When Running Data Lines Between Buildings
TECH TIP 16 Compact Fluorescent Interference
TECH TIP 17 Understanding Voltage Unbalance
TECH TIP 18 Power Factor Correction and Capacitor Issues

The information and diagrams presented herein are for general educational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as instructions for customer self-wiring. Customers should at all times seek the assistance of qualified electricians or utility personnel for all wiring projects.