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Behind the Scenes With the 100th Anniversary

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Electricity was still moving into Indiana homes and changing life forever when our company was formed in 1912. We were there at the beginning when electricity "rode in by rail" in Indiana when electrified city street railways became available. The same generators that supplied power to run streetcars had excess capacity that companies sold to anyone wanting it. That led to electric rail cars, called interurbans, between cities and the development of an electric power network across the state.

That's where we got our start. We've seen our industry evolve from a time when electric appliances were still a novel idea to a world where computers and flat screen TVs are commonplace. 

As Indiana's largest electric supplier, we touch every aspect of Hoosier lives, whether it's the lights in a home, the power that drives a manufacturing line, or the energy that keeps air conditioners humming. Electricity use and Indiana's economy are interdependent. It's not overstating it to say our economy runs on electricity, and we've been part of this state's growth for 100 years.

Over those years we have discovered that providing energy also meant being a leader in the state. It's a privilege to not just be a business, but also the human energy in a community.  That leadership manifests itself in different ways.

Our economic development work helps attract new industry and create jobs. We have provided charitable support to countless worthwhile causes, and our employees and retirees volunteer in virtually every community we serve.

From the days of the interurban railways until now, the company's role as a provider of power that fuels Indiana makes it a central player in the state's economy, history, and community life.

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