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Mosquito Control The Duke Energy Mosquito Control Program

Duke Power began a lake mosquito control program in 1923 that continues today in consultation with the states of North and South Carolina. The program was designed to help control nuisance populations of lake-breeding mosquitoes in the Catawba River Valley.

Duke Energy mosquito control boat crews now operate from May through October on lakes Norman, James and Wylie in North Carolina, and lakes Wylie, Wateree, Keowee and Greenwood in South Carolina. These crews spray Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) on mosquito-breeding areas within the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission project boundary of each lake in order to decrease mosquito populations.

This program has proven very effective at controlling species of lake-breeding mosquitoes. However, the backyard container breeders such as the small black Asian tiger mosquito continue to be a severe nuisance and public health threat to homeowners in all urban areas of North Carolina and South Carolina.