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Fish-Friendly Piers

Fish-Friendly Piers is a program developed by Duke Energy to provide a place for fish to live and grow by creating an artificial habitat where little natural habitat exists. Scientists and environmentalists agree that adding brush, trees, large rocks and artificial habitats creates an inviting home for fish. The program brings together the efforts and expertise of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and BASS (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society).

The Duke Energy fisheries group constructed a fish-friendly pier at McGuire Nuclear Station’s EnergyExplorium to attract more fish to the pier. The effort was also designed to encourage homeowners on the lake to create similar habitats.

“Fish-friendly piers can be used in almost any reservoir, lake or pond,” says Hugh Barwick, Duke Energy fisheries biologist. “And although Duke Energy will not construct fish-friendly piers for homeowners, we will provide them with options and instructions on how to build their own.”

“Over the years, a few homeowners have added structures under their piers to attract fish, and these efforts were generally successful. However, the fish-friendly pier program is Duke Energy’s first attempt to actively promote this technique and encourage more homeowners to participate in a program designed by scientists and fishermen,” Barwick adds.

Duke Energy’s fisheries group maintains the fish-friendly pier, and will continue to assess the program to determine its ability to attract fish. “The fish-friendly pier program exemplifies Duke Energy’s commitment to the environment,” adds Barwick.

For more information on how you can build your own fish-friendly pier or to find out more about this project, call the EnergyExplorium at 704-875-5600 or 1-800-777-0003.