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Beneficial Reuse

Beneficial Reuse of Coal Combustion Products

Fly ash, bottom ash and synthetic gypsum are valuable materials with numerous applications that safely provide environmental, economic and performance benefits. The use of Coal Combustion Products (CCPs) reduces the amount of these materials that are placed in landfills or stored in ponds, reduces the need for virgin materials and the energy required to acquire them, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The use of CCPs can also improve the quality and performance of products in which they are used. The cost of CCPs is often less than the cost of the raw materials they replace.

The use of CCPs is supported by the federal government and many states. Additional information on the various uses and benefits of CCPs is available on the American Coal Ash Association website.

Over 50 percent of the CCPs that Duke Energy produces each year are used in various beneficial reuse applications. This reduces Duke’s cost of storing or disposing of this material, which also benefits our customers.