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Additional Solar Projects » Kokomo Dual Solar Project

Kokomo Dual Solar Project

In July 2007, Duke Energy began operating two sets of photovoltaic (PV) projects at our Kokomo, Indiana office. This installation includes one stationary PV panel and an identically sized pivoting PV panel that tracks the sun from east to west. We monitor the 16 PV panels to compare the output of the two systems. The pivoting panels typically produce more kilowatt-hours during the day and have higher output late in the afternoon when energy demand peaks.

The 1.92-kilowatt capacity system is used to help power the Kokomo office reducing the amount of electricity generated by non-renewable sources. You can monitor the output of the installation. Here are tips for reading monitoring results from the Kokomo Dual Solar Project.

For a project summary, please see the Kokomo Dual Solar Project fact sheet.