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Global Climate Change

 Climate Change - What We Are Doing

What We Are Doing

Duke Energy continues to move toward a lower-carbon future. Learn more below about the ways Duke Energy is reducing its greenhouse gas footprint.

  • Carbon Reduction Goals
    Duke Energy has established absolute and intensity-based carbon reduction goals for the corporation. Learn more about these goals.
  • Advancing Low-Carbon Technologies
    By replacing older, coal-fired generation with new, advanced-technology coal and natural gas plants, Duke Energy is delivering on its promise to provide cleaner energy from a diverse mix of fuel sources. Learn more about how we continue to move toward a lower-carbon future through our intensive power-plant-modernization program and other low-carbon initiatives.
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
    Duke Energy is involved in a number of research projects to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of capturing and permanently storing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from coal-fired power plants. Learn more about how we are helping advance carbon capture and storage technology.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Using energy more efficiently is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, Duke Energy views energy efficiency as the fifth fuel – as important as coal, natural gas, renewable sources and nuclear for meeting our customers’ future energy needs. Duke Energy offers its customers a robust, growing portfolio of energy-efficiency programs. These programs not only help reduce emissions, but they also save our customers money while providing value for our shareholders. Learn more about how Duke Energy residential and business customers can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions with more efficient energy use.