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Biomass Energy

In response to our nation's growing need for baseload electricity generation, Duke Energy has committed to expand its use of biopower (“biomass to electricity”) as a renewable energy source.

Duke Energy formed an innovative joint venture with AREVA, another global leader in power generation, to develop green biopower energy solutions in the United States. ADAGE™, the result of this joint venture, will build cutting-edge biopower plants that use wood waste to produce electricity.

Biopower has great potential. Federal and state environmental agencies consider biopower carbon-neutral, which represents a significant advantage over conventional power generation facilities.

Duke Energy is also involved in multiple landfill gas projects that convert waste emissions into electricity for customers. Landfill gas, primarily consisting of methane, is produced when organic materials in large landfills decompose. This greenhouse gas is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere and is a major contributor to global warming. Methane gas must be burned as a waste product or captured and used as a fuel. A Duke Energy landfill gas project in Durham, N.C., is supplying electricity to approximately 1,600 residential customers.