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Who We Are
Duke Energy’s mission is to provide clean, reliable and affordable energy to our customers – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Learn what we’re doing to plan for success in the low-emission, decarbonized economy and how we’re leading the fight for responsible energy and environmental policy.

Renewable Energy
Low- and zero-emission renewable energy technologies will play an increasing role in meeting our customer’s future energy demands. Duke Energy is active in bringing more renewable energy to the market.

Advancing Low Carbon Technologies
Duke Energy is committed to finding new ways to confront one of our industry’s biggest challenges – global climate change. That’s why we are investing in new technologies, expanding our use of energy efficiency as the “fifth fuel,” and providing our customers low carbon options.

Air, Water & Land Quality
We’ve made progress in protecting and enhancing the quality of air, land and water resources by installing emissions control equipment on power plants, participating in stewardship projects, and forming comprehensive lake management plans.

Environmental Partnerships
We work with environmental stakeholders at the national, state and local levels to identify and advance environment and energy policies for the good of people, profits and the planet.

Reports and Metrics
Duke Energy has a strong history of publicly reporting our environmental, health and safety performance. We feel that this information is a gateway to open discussions on these important issues.

Global Climate Change
Duke Energy believes U.S. climate change policy is an important issue. We're committed to working with Congress and the White House to develop federal policies that gradually lower greenhouse gas emissions over time, without adversely affecting the U.S. economy or our ability to provide affordable, reliable electricity to our more than seven million customers.