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Paying Tribute to our Retiree Volunteers of the Year!

One of the focuses of Duke Energy’s Retiree Chapters is commitment to community through volunteerism. Each year, the individual Retiree Chapters select one member, or a husband and wife, as their Volunteer of the Year and on April 21, 2010, Duke Energy honored these Volunteers of the Year at a luncheon. These outstanding individuals were selected for their dedication to the Chapter and their commitment and service to others during 2009.

Now more than ever, charitable organizations need and rely on volunteers. Without the help of volunteers, many organizations would struggle to provide much needed services to individuals who have nowhere else to turn. Duke Energy’s Retiree Chapter members prove their commitment to community year after year – in 2010, Duke Energy retirees collectively reported more than 196,000 volunteer hours – hours that equate to more than $4 million worth of volunteer work completed by the retiree chapter members – a value that The Duke Energy Foundation proudly reports as part of its philanthropy program. (Value based on the Independent Sector estimated dollar value of volunteer time for 2009 of $20.85.)

Because of these volunteers, many nonprofit organizations can operate easier and better serve those in need. Nonprofits aren’t the only ones benefitting from these volunteers’ kindness… so do their neighbors and fellow chapter members.

Congratulations to our 2010 Volunteers of the Year