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Grassroots Efforts

Grassroots Efforts ProgressPower

ProgressPower, a grassroots network, was formed in 1996 to mobilize employees and retirees on issues important to Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Florida. The network is a vital way to extend the reach and impact of the company's voice.

ProgressPower's mission remains the same today:

  • keep you informed about major public policy issues affecting our industry
  • alert you when voicing your opinion would really make a difference to our company

We're highly selective about triggering an action alert. But we want to be ready to act fast when important issues arise. This way, you can express an informed opinion on what lawmakers are about to do, or what an agency is considering. Or, you can thank officials for what they've just done.

Individuals that server as network links receive updates more often. You might be a link to:

Fellow retirees Encourage others to take an interest in the public policy issues affecting the company, or to write letters or attend a public hearing.

Elected officials Let us know if you have a personal relationship with a state or federal elected official.

Friends and neighbors Talk with friends and neighbors so that you can be an early warning system for the buzz in your community about major issues we're tracking.

Contact us if you have any questions concerning ProgressPower, or if you would like to get more involved: ProgressPower logo

Carolinas: email us or call 800-337-3847

Florida: email us or call 850-521-1423