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More than 600,000 customers enjoy the benefits of HomeWIRE® Service and our other product, Surge Protection Service.

Retired employees can benefit from these services and receive a company discount for Surge Protection and HomeWIRE Service.

To enroll in HomeWIRE Service or Surge Protection Service please call 888-999-8856 or email us. Please identify yourself as a retired employee to be eligible for the employee discount.

Surge Protection

Surge Protection Service consists of two stages of surge protection. Stage one consists of a meter-base protector for major appliances with motors, such as your A/C compressor or refrigerator. Installation includes a free electrical grounding inspection and any necessary repairs. We own and maintain the meter-base protector. The second stage of surge protection consists of our premium plug-in suppressors. Even with our powerful protector, a small portion of surge can pass into interior wiring. This could prove deadly to sensitive electronics such as computers, TVs, phones and DVD players. Customers purchase and own the plug-in surge suppressors.

Retired Employee Discount

  • Installation fee: FREE
    (Regular price: $44.95)
  • Monthly service fee $5.99
    ($1 off regular price)

HomeWIRE Service

HomeWIRE Service protects you against the steep costs associated with unexpected electrical repairs. If a problem arises, simply call our electrical experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for prompt response. HomeWIRE has a yearly repair limit of $700. A licensed, company-approved electrician will repair any covered item. Some common problems include: repairing or replacing main circuit breaker, interior wiring, outlets, and/or light switches. We perform over 13,000 repairs each year in the homes of customers just like you!

Retired Employee Discount

  • Retiree monthly service fee: $3.79
    (Regular price: $4.99)

More information

  • HomeWIRE Deluxe has a yearly repair limit of $1,200, and covers installation and/or repair of ceiling fans, lights fixtures or electric vehicle charging stations. It also provides repair of telephone lines.
  • Retiree monthly service fee: $7.99
    (Regular price: $9.99)

Retired employees living outside Duke Energy and Duke Energy Progress service territories are welcome to sign up for Surge and/or HomeWIRE services.