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Single-Family Permanent Service For a new residence

Early in the planning stages of building a new residence, this six-step process allows us to secure rights of way, spot your meter locations and complete any other work required before installing service lines.

  1. You must have a My Duke Energy account to apply for permanent service.  If you already have a My Duke Energy account, please sign in.  If you do not currently have a My Duke Energy account, please register.
  2. Once you are logged into My Duke Energy, select Permanent Electric Service under the "Apply for Service" section. 
  3. You provide home construction details (heat type, square footage, etc.) and let us know whether temporary service needs to be removed when permanent meter is set.
  4. Your Duke Energy representative submits the application for service and reminds you to contact us when the site is ready for underground construction. (The meter base is ready, the route between the meter base and the power source is clear, grading is complete, and all builder-installed underground obstacles have been located. Examples include irrigation systems, water lines and drainage systems, as well as repair fields for septic systems.) Underground construction requires a minimum of 10 business days.
  5. You arrange for final inspections, providing the same address you gave Duke Energy in the initial application.
  6. The city or county performs the inspection and Duke Energy obtains the results. (This process may vary from county to county.) All building inspections must be approved before the electrical inspection is finalized.
  7. Duke Energy sets the meter on a permanent meter base, once construction is complete.

For more information, use the Duke Energy Builder Line:

Call 1-800-454-3853
Service representatives are available 24/7. Our busiest days are Mondays and days after holidays.

Fax 1-800-351-3853