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Development Planning For a New Subdivision

This six-step process makes it easy to request electric service for a new subdivision.

  1. Contact Duke Energy.
  2. Meet with our engineer to discuss your needs for electric primary infrastructure, street lighting and other services, using this checklist (pdf, 35 KB).
  3. The engineer develops the design and initiates the work request.
  4. You meet with our engineer again, to discuss the final design before construction begins.
  5. A construction crew is scheduled to install the transformers and cable.
  6. If within city limits, the engineer provides you with the street lighting design to submit for approval by the city. If outside the city limits, you work directly with Duke Energy on lighting design.  

For more information, use the Duke Energy Builder Line:

Call 800.454.3853
Service representatives are available 24/7. Our busiest days are Mondays and days after holidays.

Fax 800.351.3853