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W.C. Beckjord Station Retirement Plans

W.C. Beckjord Station Retirement Plans

Beckjord Station

Duke Energy Ohio is retiring the remaining coal-fired units, 5 and 6, at its W.C. Beckjord Station in New Richmond, Ohio, effective Sept. 1, 2014. Beckjord unit 1 was retired in 2012; units 2 and 3 were retired in 2013; and unit 4 retired earlier in 2014.

The more than 60-year-old power plant, located southeast of Cincinnati, has served customers well for many decades. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to soon implement environmental regulations that would require cost-prohibitive equipment upgrades and retrofits to the plant.

Due to the age and physical limitations of the Beckjord facility, the anticipated emissions regulations would require hundreds of millions of dollars - to which our customers would be exposed - to bring the plant into compliance. This fact, combined with a lower plant usage forecast, compelled Duke Energy Ohio to accelerate Beckjordís projected retirement date.

As the company begins a multiyear process to decommission the plant, Duke Energy will still own and safely manage the site throughout this process.

And, even after the plantís retirement, Duke Energy Ohio will continue to deliver safe, reliable and affordable energy to our customers and will remain a strong community partner.

Four oil-fired combustion turbines on the site, which are primarily used for generating power during periods of high electricity usage, are planned to continue operations. Also, certain substation and transmission or distribution electrical equipment will remain†on site†and in operation.

Duke Energy is hosting this website to keep all Beckjord stakeholders apprised of developments regarding the plantís retirement and future. The company is committed to maintaining an open, continuous dialogue with its important stakeholders.

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