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Shoebox is an excellent blend of form and functionality ideal for illuminating parking lots. Available in multiple mounting heights and colors.

Residential and commercial parking lots.

Lamp Source
High Pressure Sodium (HPS) provides an amber or orange glow, while Metal Halide (MH) provides a white light source.


Lamp Source Wattage Lumens
HPS 100W 9,500
HPS 150W 16,000
HPS 250W 27,500
HPS 400W 50,000
MH 100W 9,000
MH 400W 40,000

Photometrics or light distribution patterns provide a complete analysis of where light is actually distributed. In the ISO curve templates, the pole is located where the two center lines intersect. The Luminaire Classification System (LCS) shows the distribution of light from three primary solid angles: forward light, back light and uplight.

View specifications for Shoebox (pdf, 170 KB).

Colors and Pole Styles Available for Shoebox
Colors: Black, Bronze, Gray, Green

Pole Style A