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Project Support

Public support of nuclear energy is vitally important now and in the future. Duke Energy's history of safe and reliable operations is a history we are extremely proud of, and will continue to focus on for years to come.

Local Support

William States Lee Nuclear Station

"Duke Energy has been an excellent corporate citizen in Cherokee County and South Carolina, by participating in projects and sponsorships to improve the quality of life. We encourage the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to approve the license application for the William States Lee III Nuclear station and allow Duke Energy to move forward with the construction and operation of this important electric generation facility."

Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce
April 15, 2008, Chamber of Commerce resolution

In a letter addressing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Mayor Henry L. Jolly expresses his support of the proposed nuclear power plant:

"Nuclear power has proved to be safe and I support this endeavor for the betterment of our community and the local economy."

Mayor Henry L. Jolly, City of Gaffney, South Carolina
May 1, 2008

"In York County, we have the Catawba Nuclear Station. The station's economic impact is great and I don't believe anyone would argue that the money brought in by having a nuclear station in Cherokee County would bring great benefits to the county and this region as a whole. However, I feel there is more to being a good neighbor than just writing checks. Here are a few examples of other benefits we enjoy because of Catawba Nuclear Station:

  • Every Christmas, employees at Catawba adopt 50 children in need and ensure that they have a happy holiday…
  • The American Red Cross not only benefits from Catawba's United Way pledges, but the employees donated 450 pints of blood this year…
  • They're scout leaders, they tutor in the school system, they volunteer for their church programs and they also serve the Junior Achievement program…the list continues to mount…

As a chamber representative, I believe that building a nuclear plant will be good for the region. The jobs, the tax revenue and the potential overall economic impact must be exciting for the county, the businesses and the community leaders…"

Paul Boger, Greater York Chamber of Commerce
May 1, 2008

Nuclear Energy

On June 1, 2006, the South Carolina Legislature adopted a concurrent resolution to advance the need for electric utilities to build new nuclear power plants in South Carolina.

View the resolution.

"Most importantly, a green economy can lead to a renaissance in nuclear energy - a field in which South Carolina has the workforce and expertise to excel. To clean up our environment, we must reinvigorate nuclear energy - the largest source of carbon-free energy worldwide.

For more than three decades our nation has refused to build and operate new nuclear power plants. Several companies have already made it clear they would like to construct at least four new nuclear reactors in South Carolina (we have seven already).

Almost half of the electricity generated in our state comes from nuclear energy. Climate change legislation provides us the opportunity to include strong, pro-nuclear provisions that ensure these facilities, and more, are built and operational."

Senator Lindsey Graham, United States Senator – South Carolina

"South Carolina still needs to work toward more balanced energy solutions in the future. Given our existing mix of electric generation, we will need a full quiver of new options – including nuclear power, energy efficiency and alternatives – if we are to address more aggressive caps on CO2 emissions…

…In South Carolina, conservation and alternative energy sources will not fill the supply needed in the future to meet South Carolina's energy demands. Unless we move aggressively to build additional conventional capacity until we bring new nuclear plants on line, South Carolina will be facing possible brownouts as early as 2016."

Senator Glen McConnell, South Carolina Senator – Charleston County
February 8, 2009,, "State has map to its energy future"

National Support

Nuclear Energy

An October 2009 national survey found three of four Americans agree nuclear energy "should be expanded as one way to reduce greenhouse gases and prevent global climate change".

View the Nuclear Energy Institute's news release.

"To create more of these clean energy jobs, we need more production, more efficiency, more incentives. And that means building a new generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants in this country."

President Barack Obama
State of the Union Address, Jan. 2010

"When I helped found Greenpeace in the 1970s, my colleagues and I were firmly opposed to nuclear energy. But times have changed. I now realize nuclear energy is the only nongreenhouse-gas-emitting power source that can effectively replace fossil fuels and satisfy growing demand for energy."

Patrick Moore, chair and chief scientist of Greenspirit Strategies, co-founder of Greenpeace

"If the United States is to have a secure and affordable supply of electricity, more nuclear power plants need to be built. That would help solve several problems at once.

First, with less dependence on fossil fuels, there would be less air pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions.

Moreover, by building nuclear plants, the United States moves closer to energy independence, reducing the trade deficit and creating thousands of new jobs."

William D. Walker, professor of physics, Duke University
February 15, 2009, Raleigh News & Observer, Op-Ed