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EnergyWise Smart Grid Initiatives

Building the foundation of tomorrow's power systems today

EnergyWise® initiatives by Duke Energy are updating our power systems with smart grid technology that will enable our customers to take advantage of new programs and opportunities in the future.

A better electric system for more reliability and customer control

Our EnergyWise® upgrades will ultimately increase the flexibility and resilience of the electric system. This will mean improved efficiency, better power quality and reliability, and enhanced capabilities for renewable energy, energy storage systems and plug-in electric vehicles.

In addition, these upgrades could enable a variety of potential customer programs giving consumers better control over their energy use and spending.

EnergyWise Meter Upgrade Projects

Building the foundation for the future involves projects that are already underway. Additional information about meter upgrade projects in your area can be found using the links below:

Start today with the EnergyWise® Home program

You can be a part of these smart plans for the future today by joining EnergyWise® Home. With EnergyWise® Home, you'll be making a wise energy decision for your community and your budget. Choose a link below to learn more.