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Whittier Substation 138kV Tap Line

Overall Project Description

Duke Energy plans to build a new substation for the central Hamilton County/Cincinnati University region. The new Whittier Substation will be located near the intersection of Martin Luther King and Reading Road on Whittier Road.

Duke Energy is currently evaluating route corridors for a new 138,000-volt (138kV) transmission line that will connect the new substation to the existing 138 kV transmission line network. The new line length will be approximately 0.4 miles. This new transmission line will be called the Whittier Station 138 kV Tap Line, and will require approval by the Ohio Power Siting Board.

Duke Energy uses a comprehensive siting process to determine potential route corridors for electric transmission projects, and ultimately, to select the transmission line route. On September 21, 2010, Duke Energy held a public open meeting to give neighbors an opportunity to comment and ask questions about the project. Information gathered from the community workshops was incorporated into the siting study used to identify the selected transmission line route.

Project Enhancements

Duke Energy system planners have identified the Hamilton County/Cincinnati University region as an area in need of more distribution system capacity to improve reliability. During the past 25 years, there have been no significant improvements made to the transmission system in the area and the distribution system capacity has reached a point where modifications are warranted.

The Whittier Substation 138-13 kV substation and 138 kV tap line will benefit central Hamilton County and the Cincinnati University region by improving the reliability of electric service for the area residence and businesses located in this area. The Whittier projects are part of a larger system upgrade which includes both the Ashland and Rochelle substations, which are also located in the Hamilton County/Cincinnati University region.

The combined projects will provide for a well balanced electrical system which is very important to minimize the chances for service interruptions. These new Duke Energy improvements are designed to ensure electric system reliability for existing homes and businesses as well as allowing for continued growth in the area for years to come.