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Kerwin Circle 100kV Tap Line

Overall Project Description

The eastern Forsyth County / Kernersville region has been steadily growing for many years, and Duke Energy must build a new electrical substation near the intersection of NC Highway 66 and West Mountain Street to ensure a continuous supply of reliable electricity to our customers in the region. A site for the new substation has been purchased, and Duke Energy is currently evaluating routes for a new 100,000-volt (100 kV) transmission line that will connect the substation to our existing 100 kV transmission line network in the area. The new substation will be called the Kerwin Circle Substation, and the new line will be called the Kerwin Circle 100 kV Tap Line.

Protecting Reliability

 The Kerwin Circle 100-12.5 kV Substation and 100 kV Tap Line will be vital parts of Duke Energy’s service commitment and obligation to provide a continuous supply of reliable and affordable electricity. It will benefit eastern Forsyth County and the Kernersville region in the following ways:

  • The new substation will provide the additional electrical capacity that is necessary to maintain a reliable supply of electricity.
  • The addition of the Kerwin Circle Substation and 100 kV Tap Line will alleviate excessive voltage issues in the area. 
  • It will increase service reliability by reducing distribution line exposure (i.e., the average length of distribution lines from substations to consumers). 
  • The addition of the Kerwin Circle Substation will include distribution circuit modifications that will increase Duke Energy’s ability to serve more customers from multiple substations by eliminating long, radial lines and by increasing switching capability among multiple substations. This will reduce service restoration time during storm-related outages and will minimize outage duration associated with equipment maintenance. 
  • The new Kerwin Circle Substation will complement the existing Oak Ridge and Guthrie Substations and improve their reliability. It is important to provide a balanced electrical load profile among multiple electrical substations to maximize service reliability and minimize the potential for service interruptions.

Public Participation

Public participation is a vital part of Duke Energy’s electric transmission project siting process for future electric transmission projects.  The company held two community workshops and engaged in regular communications with neighbors to share information on alternate routes and solicit input on the Kerwin Circle project. The community workshops provided an opportunity for participants to receive answers to questions about the future substation and on-going transmission line study from the Duke Energy siting team.

Information gathered from the community workshops was incorporated into the siting study used to identify the selected line route.


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