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Caterpillar 100kV Tap Line

Project Update

As you know, construction is underway on the new Caterpillar manufacturing facility on Union Cross Road.  Caterpillar will build, test, and paint parts for heavy mining equipment when the facility becomes operational.  These manufacturing processes depend on reliable electricity, and Duke Energy must build a new 100,000 volt transmission line to provide the facility the amount of electrical energy that will be required.     

Duke Energy conducted a comprehensive siting study to determine the best route for the future Caterpillar 100 kV line.  The siting team carefully considered information gathered during the community workshop and from community questionnaires, in addition to an array of environmental, cultural resource, land use, water quality, economic and aesthetic data during the evaluation process of the four (4) identified alternate route corridors.  Based on the careful application and analysis of all data, the  route corridor shown on the map on the reverse side of this letter has been selected. 

Overall Project Description

When operational, the new Forsyth County Caterpillar manufacturing facility on Union Cross Road will build, test, and paint parts for heavy equipment. These manufacturing processes will require reliable electricity, and to meet those needs, Duke Energy must build a new 100,000 volt (100kV) transmission line to the facility.

Duke Energy uses a comprehensive siting process to determine potential route corridors for electric transmission projects, and ultimately, to select the transmission line route.

Efforts are under way to determine the route for the new 100 kV transmission line to serve the new Caterpillar manufacturing facility. Duke Energy’s siting project team has identified a study area, which includes all reasonable potential route corridors for where the future line could be located. The siting project team has collected and mapped an array of environmental, land use, aesthetic, and cultural data to determine the most suitable route corridors in the study area for the future 100kV line. Using this methodology, alternate route corridors for the future transmission line have been identified.


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